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Our board kennel was built with your pets' care in mind. Large indoor / outdoor runs provide room for your dog to relax and stretch their legs. Indoor runs feature privacy panels and resting benches to ensure cleanliness and comfort and to maintain each occupants own area. Our spacious layout, combined with excellent ventilation, eliminates cramped quarters and reduces noise and odor.

Whether your pet is here overnight or for an extended stay, we will make sure he/she has a pleasant boarding experience and returns home healthy, clean and happy.

We feed a premium quality dog food by Iams/Eukanuba, which we feel is the finest quality food available. Let us know if you desire more information on Iams/Eukanuba products. If you wish to have us feed your dog his regular food or if your dog is on a prescription diet, please provide us with enough food for your dog's stay and feeding amounts prior to check in.

Proof of vaccination (including Bordatella) is required for all dogs prior to check in.

Also available:

  • Day Care
  • Exercise yard
  • Bring your dog's toys, beds or other “comfort” items if desired

Rates: Board
$ 12.00 One Dog, Large Run, Per Day
$ 20.00 Two Dogs Together, Large Run, Per Day
$ 28.00 Three Dogs Together, Large Run, Per Day

Day Care $8.00 per day


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